The last week of June we were in what we call “Videogames Week” in Barcelona. They were incredible but also exhausting days. It was the first time we had the new team together in the same place and something that we had been waiting for months. The first night we play a tournament,of the game that we are developing, Way of Redemption, which lasted over four hours and had a great time.

22th and 23th are place PAD 2nd Congress, where we attend different conferences and exhibitions, where we sampled a variety of games.

On 24th began GameLab. In contrast to other years, this year we have a stand to present our new project, Way of Redemption, so had to go prepared. The event was at the Hotel Sants and we enjoy very good facilities. The first day we had a great influx of people who came to try the game. Much interest and good feedback received, people really liked what we had done in three months of development. We could see how they enjoyed the game and had a good competitive environment. At the end of the day we came home to rest, to withstand the following days.

The next day, we begin with the same enthusiasm. Earlier we were on ACE CREATIVE- Bootcamp Gamelab, where we presented the project in front of investors. After that it was all day showing the game to all the people who came to the stand. There were a lot of people who wanted to try the Way of Redemption and gave us feedback, which helped us a lot these days to improve the game. We keep a lot of ideas that gave us people to make the game even more fun. In the afternoon, we prepare a tournament on the stand. The stand was filled and everyone wanted to participate. In the end, after many rounds, he ended with the victory of a guy named Cristian. An intense end.

For the 26th, we knew it was a tough day, but we still had the strength to endure. We appreciate the great support that there were people encouraging us to continue developing the game, it was very motivating. At the end of the day, as is customary every year, we attended the Indie Developer Awards Burger to enjoy the awards with burger and beer, to our style. We could see some of the finishes and other developing games and meet many more developers.

We finished the week with an extra motivation and batteries charged to keep doing Way of Redemption and did not stop to have it finished ☺

The next time that we can see will be from 1st to 4th of October at the Madrid Games Week 2015 and this year we’ll go with a stand.

We hope to show you much progress! See you in Madrid!

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