This June we will be in the “video game week” of Barcelona, as we did last year. Start the day 22 and 23 after the 2nd PAD Congress will attend the Gamelab, from 24 to 26, with a stand in the Indie Hub, along with other industry colleagues and will end on the 26th night in the IDBA (Indie Developer Burger Awards), as usual, to enjoy the amazing indie atmosphere you have in those events.

This time, we will present the alpha of game that we developed for three months, Way of Redemption, with which we take a big step in the industry and we’re betting all our resources to have a product worthy of our team and possibilities. We still have many months of development to finish, but it will have a first contact with users.

To do this, we will all the team in an apartment during these days to live the experience together. We are thrilled to be in the same place for events like this and to show our little treasure to the public and able to receive real feedback

Our intention is to meet more industry colleagues, showing the game to publishers and investors, all specialized media and do all kinds of contacts to help us to further develop the game.


Gamelab Barcelona
PAD Congress
Indie Developer Burger Awards