A few weeks ago we had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the great event ESL Barcelona 2016 presented by Mobile World Congress 2016. We would like to thank to our partners Gigabyte Technology Spain and Puregaming.es who helped us to to show Way of Redemption to a lot of players.

We received a lot of feedback for the game and we studied how the gamers react to the gameplay. All this input has given us even more strength to continue the development and polish the game so it can meet the expectations of our fans.

In the event, we organized a tournament for players in pairs. A bunch of players signed up and Pixel Cream delivered several prizes for finalists and winners. We have been lucky to test the game with expert players in eSports. For us it was the perfect place to guide us towards the final stage of development.

We would like to show you a video that we have published where you can see how was the matches at ESL. We hope you enjoy it!

We are looking forward to have more opportunities like this so we can polish Way of Redemption even more.

Ah! Also remind you that very soon we will have ready a beta version which you can play and test thoroughly before the release of Way of Redemption, which is scheduled for Q1 2017. Do not forget to visit our website Way of Redemption to sign up!

And now some photos!

ESL Expo - Way of Redemption