Welcome, future heroes of the arena!

The free PC beta version of Way of Redemption was launched on November 18th through Steam. If you want to be part of it, just ask one code and we will send it to you. Through this website, you can do it without any problem:

Join Beta

*To use the key you have to go to Windows, then Steam, select “Games” and then “Activate a product on Steam” and type the code there.

Bug report

Keep in mind that this technical Beta is not 100% operative, so it surely fails, at some point you will find bugs / errors, latency problems, improvements in game flow, etc., well … that’s it!: to see what works and what does not and how we can improve everything we could use some help… from you!. Not only reporting bugs but giving us ideas too, it would be awesome! Surely in the future we will reward you. Remember that you have F11 button to report errors at any time. This will open an external link to a Google form so you can send us all the information you want in order to help us.

You can also use this button:


Support us by pre-purchasing

Keep in mind that this Technical Beta will be evolving and improving every week in addition to new content. Thanks to you we will gradually make Way of Redemption possible. The keys given are only for the Beta which only will be available for a few months, so remember that if you want to support as by keeping the game you can do it through the pre-purchase option:


The copies you get can be for PC or PlayStation 4, that depends on you. We will ask you before sending it.


Right now to keep everything active during the week it’s taking us a lot of, so we’ll start by opening the servers in a few weeks. Nowadays you’re only allowed to play in Europe. We will be adding more regions over time, so if you live out from Europe, do not worry, you will be able to enjoy Way of Redemption soon.

At the moment you can play with most of the controllers and we have adapted the keyboard and mouse controls. If something fails at any point, please, inform us.

The option to make group with your friends is enabled at this point. More functionalities will come to the game to allow you to make more personalized games.

We will upload videos as soon as possible with better tutorials!

Streaming, progress and videos

Surely the first week is not the best to show content, as it may not work 100% and “breaks” several times, but you have complete freedom to publish all the content you want from Way of Redemption. In fact, we would greatly appreciate it. If you need extra information about the game or the studio, you can contact us at [email protected]

Forums and community

We have make available a Discord tool to all those who want to play Way of Redemption  with more people, meet others or even challenge us if you see us.


Also, we are preparing the official Way of Redemption forum on Steam as well a more generic one, but right now it is not available. It will be used to communicate with other players, to write ideas of improvement, comments that you want to make public, etc. You just will have to join.

We are also thinking of another tool so that you, the community, help us decide what to prioritize when creating content and updating Way of Redemption.

Let’s play!

It’s your moment, we need you to be able to continue with the development, so prove that you are the best on the arena! For any question, you can contact us through Pixel Cream/ Way of Redemption social media or through [email protected] All comments and help will be well received :)

All this information also available on: http://pixelcreamstudio.com/technical-beta/

Thanks again!

From the whole Pixel Cream team