Pixel Cream offers
A full service game and app development for mobile platforms, PC and consoles. Adapting our services to satisfy the client’s need to provide a high standard high-grade product.


We also make co-development, taking care of the portability, parallel development with the client or outsourcing areas.


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Our services

Full Game or App

Do you have a project in mind? We develop games and App for third parties, based on costumer needs.

Our service range covers nearly all aspects of game development,  allowing us to design, produce and test full games to any platform.



Save time and money, outsourcing project areas. If you need art 2D or 3D, programming, design, sound or publishing services.

We adapt to your requirements for bringing excellent results, minimizing costs.



Achieve a brand-new opportunity for promote your brand, organization, idea or product through a videogame. We will help you in moving closer to users or customers and increasing customers loyalty, with an unique interactive way.

Innovate in your field with the new and economical marketing tools that we offer.


Serious Games

Serious Games are designed with the purpose of improving particular learning aspects and tools.

The object aim goes beyond the amusement. Those are educational, instructive, cultural, simulation, sustainability-promoting, tourism, innovation and entrepreneurship videogames.



If you want to bring your game to other platforms, we will value the development complexity and the user’s experience adaptation, for accurate budgeting.

We manage all the process taking care of every detail and with maximum thoroughness.


Interactive books

It’s an easy handling pedagogical instrument, that incorporates tools and resources for an overall working of each teachong unit.

We make all kinds of complete adaptations in a digital form.


Augmented reality

It’s an innovative technology for the growing and social revolution, induced by smartphones and tablets. The consumers culture allows enjoying the experience in an immediate way.

For approaching it, we need to implement the project in AR.


Virtual Reality

This technology is used to create elements with realistic appearence to get immersed in it. One of the most used products or devices is Oculus Rift.

We do all kind of projects with this technology, for entertainment as well as non ludic projects.


Courses and training

We do all kind of training related to the creation of video games and apps areas, through different duration courses. If you aim offering a course in your center or institution or receive specific training, we personalize our service to your idea.

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