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Way of Redemption is a perfect combination of an arcade and a sports video game, with a pinch of MOBA. Classified as a MOSA (Multiplayer Online Sport Arena), it grants you countless hours of action, frenzy and competitiveness game after game. Earn the Gods’ redemption by destroying the enemy portal with powerful ball throws, show your skills in the field and crush your opponent using awesome heroes…

You can even try taking their amazing abilities to the next level! Block, jump, run, shoot, and mix defensive and offensive actions to create mighty combos. But don’t forget your main goal: protecting your portal.

For hundreds of years, the Gods have organized a tournament in which the winners’ redemption was granted. The chosen players, none other than great heroes fallen in disgrace, must honor the Gods by showing their true value.

The legendary ambassadors compete and take up multiple challenges in different arenas, fighting one to one or in groups of two against other alliances. It’s their chance to show their talent and unique skills.

In this sport, pantheons compete while Gods enjoy the show. But this is more than a game: it’s one of the most epic competitions ever, where their honor and most treasured belongings are at stake.

Redeeming your sins has a price, are you willing to pay it? If you love eSports or want to put your abilities to test, show your skills in Way of Redemption.


    • Play 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 games, both local and online.

    • PS4/PC Crossplay.

    • Find your game style in each round with each of the heroes and their talents.

    • Try different Arenas with new ways of playing.

    • Prove that you are unrivaled in the Leagues.

    • Customize your hero’s look with over 11.000 combinations.

    • Unlock content thanks to a progression system for both the user and the hero.

    • Enjoy all Way of Redemption’s free updates!

    • Available in 10 languages.




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