The Last Moa
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Project Description


The Last Moa is a game here you must help an endangered animal, the Moa , which is believed to be extinct. He is the last of his kind. At least that is what we thought. Help him look for his lost mother and understand the issue of endangered species.

Through the game you will find many animals on the verge of extinction, like the Moa itself. Each animal will give you a tip to find Moa’s lost mother. Once unlocked, every animal you get will let you check info about him such as why it’s endangered, where does it live, etc.

Also we are incorporating the awesome option of donating money to associations or NGOs that support helping endangered species. This donation will go ENTIRELY for animal help. As we want to give our support to these species, the 100% of the money goes to the chosen associations.

In the game you can unlock many animals in danger of extinction, get all the hidden objects (tracks), change the appearance of Moa or even travel to a Jurassic era, where Moa lived free without the danger of mankind … All of this will be able to discover soon in iOS and Android.