Unlock Memory

Project Description

Unlock Memory mixes ability and memory speed. Each day we see patterns we have to unblock, and we always solve them correctly in order to move forward.

What would happen if you should have to memorize them to be able to advance? Or if you should solve them as fast as possible, to achieve the highest score?

You can play in three different ways:

  • Memory: Memorize the patterns and then draw them in the same order. Are you skilled memorizing shapes? Prove it!
  • Snake: Just in the same style as the Snake game, you’ll start having one point, lengthening the snake to the highest score you can memorize. Until where will you reach?
  • Timer: Only for the quickest; you can show how fast you are just by using the finger in this way. You will have one minut and, if you keep on guessing correctly, the time will be extended. But if you fail… You’ll loose time. Demonstrate how much velocity you have.

Multiplayer mode:

  • You can challenge your friends, but also unknown players.
  • You’ll gain points if you win and you will see your position in the ranking.
  • When challenging, you can select the mode and difficulty.
  • Balanced match up.
  • Profile with user’s statistics.
  • Global ranking.
  • Inbox of the pending rounds, waiting for an adversary or already finished.


  • Achievements system.
  • Statistic of every round.
  • Different messages at the end of each round, recognizing how you have played.
  • All the contents are completely free.
  • Connection with Google Play or Game Center.