Jumping Jump
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Project Description


Help Kroker and his friends to jump as high as possible in an endless world, filled with floating islands, enemies, traps and dangers. These can only be avoided by the most skilled and expert in the art of jumping.

Jumping Jump is free; you can start the adventure with Kroker right now. The other selectable characters can be purchased. You can also find other purchasable items that will be very useful, such as “having the maximum lives.” Your possibility of jumping higher will increase significantly with the more lives you have.

Challenge your friends and see who has gone further using the ranking system. You can also share your high scores on Facebook.

Pixel Cream made all part of design, programming, sound and game publishing iOS and Android for Polychrome Games.

The end result is a product for which we are very proud and good quality.

We hope you like it and enjoy it.