First of all, we would like to present ourselves. Pixel Cream is a self-sufficient creative studio dedicated to the creation of videogames used in several platforms such as PC, iOS and Android.

In a near future they will also available for Windows Phone and multiple game consoles. In 2012 we decided to build this project, making web design and software development. But it wasn’t until mid-2013 when we decided to work in what we really like, creating our own videogames.

We have many stories to tell you, hundreds of ideas which we can finally bring to your mobile and PC screen now that we count with a consolidated team and specific knowledge.

Our team improves every day, introducing Pixel Cream in this difficult and tough market, always willing to offer you the best games which can make you enjoy the experience to the max. We don’t want to take more of your time, so how about playing to The can of Baba: Barcelona? Give us feedback so that we can improve it and make the best out of it.

Don’t forget to share the score you achieve, we want to know how far you can get! You will soon have news of our changes and improvements.

See you soon!