We would like to describe how the “video game week” in Barcelona has developed. First of all, the 24th of June we passed all afternoon in the I PAD Congress together with some other studios. We had the pleasure to meet some awesome people, thanks to which we stayed in good company the next days. Furthermore, we presented Atlantis as a teaching game for the Tecnocampus university.

From the 25th to the 27th we attended the GameLab, where we happen to meet many publishers and colleagues. We also had the opportunity to listen the greatest leading figures in this sector, such as Keiji Inafume, Tim Schafer, Kim Swift, Yu Suzuki, Vlambeer, Ocelote, as well as attending the brilliant conference of our mate Arturo Monedero (of Delirium), and Juanma (Vetusta Morla), etc. In conclusion, we had an unforgettable experience.

After all those events, which left us exhausted, we had a time to relax in the Indie Developer Burger Awards. They were celebrated the 27th at night, and there we had the chance to chat and meet our colleagues in a more informal way. It was amazing the good vibes you could feel between the studios, as well as the sensation of “one for all” instead of being competition among us.

Now that we have recharged our energies, we are craving to keep up with this adventure, and we hope to show you all the new video games in which we are working fulltime. We guarantee that they are much better than the previous ones.

Stay tunned!!