Last October we were at the Games Week Madrid in IFEMA. The first day was exclusively for professionals and is where we waling calmly, try all the games, talking with other industry colleagues and enjoy great lectures. Hence we highlight the incredible difference between triple A games and indies. While triple A games enjoyed a huge space, indies had to push a little to fit, but at least had representation.

We can’t realce any indie game because we liked them all. Good products that lie ahead and to come into this strong market. For those of you who read us and you will feel identified, luck and courage, with passion and effort, everything is achieved.

The following day came a bunch of gamers to enjoy an early test of games. We took the opportunity to be in lectures and conferences given in the hall of Gamelab. A lot industry colleagues, explaining their experiences, giving advice and other motivations. A very positive experience and served us well. We also had some time to see the beautiful city of Madrid.

We return full of energy and eager to continue with our projects and hope that next year, we’re the ones that you can show the new game.