For three months, since April, we are working on a new project, Way of Redemption, which are focus for PC (on Steam) and PlayStation 4.

Our planning is to create an alpha, so users can go testing it while we develop. Thus, we achieve that we’re constantly getting feedback and adapting the game to what the user wants. With this information we can evolve the product to a real market and better meet our target.

We will be updating the website, social media and blog that we are creating development, all information related to the evolution of the game and its progress.

For us it is the most ambitious project so far and we want to reach the top. We are 100% motivated and eager to try to do our best game and that you can enjoy it as much as we do develop it.

Our first presentation will be at the Gamelab, with a stand of 24 to 26 June (2015). You are invited to try and be the first feedbacks we receive, we are anxious that tell us!

Any contribution that we should do, will be of great help.