We are always talking about our projects, that’s why this week we would like to show you our working place. It is located in TCM3 of Tecnocampus, in what it’s called the “pre incubator”, a coworking place that we share with some other start-ups.

It was at the end of January when we started to work there, and since then it is our second home. We still remember when we worked in our graphic designer’s house, Cristian, day and night, trying to make our dream come true. Little by little we’ve achieved to grow up and improve, having the opportunity to be here, where we are now.

During these days we’ve recruit some new colleagues, Flipendo and Expelliarmus, two little fish which keep us company in these long days. They still can’t help us in our projects, but time will tell.

We hope to have soon more new colleagues and decorate our working place in a “Pixel Cream style”.

You are invited to visit us whenever you want, we would love it if you do so!