We are sure that all of you are doing extremely well and you’ve obtained very good scores, so why don’t you upload an image or comment? We’re looking forward to know about it.

You will soon find a list showing your Facebook friends’ score so you can compete against them. Keep on practising to be the winner!

For this next week, The Can of Baba: Barcelona will be actualized, so the game will be free of any error and it’ll be completely polished. From then on, we will only introduce minor improvements, such as adding a scores menu, the possibilty of revive thanks to Euro coins within the game, and some other surprises.

Thank you for helping Baba. We really hope you have fun playing the game; that’s our main goal.

You can put it as a comment or in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=200221063511622&set=a.165556190311443.1073741828.165046280362434&type=1&theater