Wield it!

Project Description

Have you ever wished to grip any type of armament and see for yourself with how much strength or speed can you beat up? Thanks to Wield it! you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your power and agility.

There are multiple options which you can grip; choose the one you most like and remember to compete against your friends. Have fun listening to every unique sound and making use of your weapon.

Available weapons:

  • Use the standard sword to obtain points and hits.
  • Would you like to have a valyrian steel sword as Longclaw? Conquer the seven kingdoms with it or help the Night’s Watch, you decide.
  • Cut in slices the watermelons with the help of your katana.
  • Squash the chicken as strong as you can.
  • Feel as Indiana Jones handling the whip.
  • Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi or Sith? Show it with your laser saber. Become part of Star Wars.
  • If you wanted to be a ninja, now is your moment; throw hundreds of shurikens.
  • Are you a fair-goers? Do you fancy all kind of toys? You’ll have your ideal hammer.
  • You’ll have a mystery prize if you prove to be the best drummer in the world.
  • Are you fond of “el Rubius”? We have the perfect weapon for you, the flechipolla.
  • Berto has always been an icon with a hand joke. Would you like to have it?
  • For Kingdom Heart fans, the KeyBlade of Sora is simply brilliant.
  • Be the king of your bath with the plastic duck.
  • Noxus or Demacia? DEMACIA!!! With the Garen sword, without doubt. Like League of Legends.
  • A toothpick? You’ll be surprised to see what a toothpick can do…

You’ll have to unblock the weapons little by little, each one produces a different harm, and has different sound and appearance.  Will you be able to obtain every one of them?