Project Description


Atlantis is a game created by Pixel Cream and currently being Xnergic challenge in Atlantis Game Challenge to continue the story and game. The game is an early version with a small part of what can be done with Unity.

Atlantis is a project for Tecnocampus university, where there are is a class of future students of 11 to 17 years old, called Xnergic, which invites young people to continue with the work of Atlantis. The purpose of this video game, designed specifically for teaching, is to encourage students to continue with the project helping themselves with all the working tools we provide them with. It also aims to create multidisciplinary teams of 2 to 7 persons who can complete the challenge and follow the monthly guide which we’ll give them.

By creating this project our intention is to give young people who love video games as much as we do the opportunity to make its passion reality, as well as approaching them to one of the sectors which is currently booming. We also want to teach them how to create video games with the number one tool in the market by a new and innovator educational method.

During seven months the teams will have to demonstrate all the knowledge acquired by their work and creations. Once this time has passed, a winner will be choosed; the winning game will be kept as the final one.

Apart of the basic support which Pixel Cream provides, Xnergic offers courses every week, and it also has a summer campus to help completing the monthly challenges.

Story: We find ourselves in the skin of an adventurer flying over the Bermuda Triangle, he runs into a severe thunderstorm with a failure of aircraft controls. Ends falling into a whirlpool where he is taken to an Atlantis beach, but neither the amount of adventures that await you imagine …

We hope you enjoy it a lot.

Game Challenge