The can of Baba: Barcelona

Project Description


Baba is popularly known as “Servesabier”, a typical Arab salesman of Barcelona. You can see them all around the city, specially in tourist places. They frequently have problems with the police and with aggressive consumers. Hence Baba, with his great knowledge of peddling, has developed a definitive mechanism to avoid them: “two helium balloons”. It will help him to fly all over Barcelona selling the beer cans without being caught, however the police “Mossos d’esquadra” has learned a way to catch him, even Baba forgot that in heaven there are dangers even worse, Killer pidgeons! Throughout the game, you must get the maximum number of Euro coins for Baba. Among his powers you will find:

  • The Durum Accelerator: Eating a Durum makes Baba go faster and helps him to bear his hard working day.
  • Samosa shield: Baba picks a delicious samosa shield. If he is caught, then offers the samosa for free to continue selling beer cans, and it always works! No one can resist such a tasty delicacy.
  • € 10 Bang: Sometimes Baba comes across thirsty customers which buy a bunch of beer cans, winning € 10 all of a sudden. In moments like these Baba explodes with happiness and becomes unstoppable!
  • Heart of Rebirth: Because Baba deserves another opportunity…

We hope you enjoy the beautiful sights offered by Barcelona, a ​​real spectacle of colourful landscapes which would make you enjoy this wonderful city. And remember, help Baba to catch all the Euro coins and try to not be caught.