Way of Redemption
  • Way of Redemption

Project Description


Way of Redemption is a perfect combination of an action and a sports video game, with a pinch of MOBA, but that’s a mouthful so we like to call it a MOSA (Multiplayer Online Sport Arena). Way of Redemption offers you countless hours of action, frenzy and competitiveness, game after game. Earn the redemption of the gods by destroying the enemy portal with powerful ball throws.

Show your skills in the field and crush your opponent using awesome heroes. You can even try taking their amazing abilities to the next level! Block, jump, run, shoot, and mix different actions to create mighty combos, but don’t forget to protect your portal!

If you love eSports or want to put your abilities to test, your time is now and Way of Redemption is just the game for you.


    • Up to 4 players

    • Local and Online

    • Style inspired by the classic Windjammers game, but with more moves, game strategies, skills and a bit of roleplay

    • Improve and evolve the heroes through Talents tree which can enhance special attacks as you play

    • Focused on players competition with Online rankings and eSports Leagues

    • Easy access as an arcade game but reach mastery will cost you many hours of playing

    • +6 heroes with their own history, powers and game style

    • Hero customization, with different skin parts.
    • Multiple game arenas, each of them with unique features and gameplay

    • Future updates with more heroes, skins, arenas…