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Madrid Games Week 2014

Last October we were at the Games Week Madrid in IFEMA. The first day was exclusively for professionals and is where we waling calmly, try all the games, talking with other industry colleagues and enjoy great lectures. Hence we highlight [...]
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After events!

We would like to describe how the “video game week” in Barcelona has developed. First of all, the 24th of June we passed all afternoon in the I PAD Congress together with some other studios. We had the pleasure to […]

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Events, events and more events!

This week we’ll be in a lot of events! In first place, the 24th we will attend the PAD Congress, to which we are associated, presenting Atlantis as a project for a university, and knowing other studios. From the […]

Game Discovery

Let’s start this new year with some good news. We recommend you to try a free-download App, similar to the App of the day but, in this case, related to video games. Not only is completely free, you will also […]

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